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Mundy Viar, PhD, is an educator, administrator, researcher, and musician. A credentialed educator and education administrator in California, Dr. Viar has practiced in several school districts throughout the Golden State, leading instrumental and vocal music programs in the K-12 systems. Prior to working in the K-12 system, Dr. Viar served as a Program Director for the Blue Devils, an internationally celebrated youth organization dedicated to performance excellence, based in Concord, California. During his time with the Blue Devils, the "B" Corps performed as a Div. II Finalist at the 1997 Drum Corps International World Championships in Florida, and as the US representative at the 1998 World Marching Band Festival in Kanagawa Prefecture Japan. Additionally, Dr. Viar is an adjunct facilitator for the University of the West Indies Open Campus, where is has served as doctoral Research Supervisor, thesis defense committee member, and course tutor. Dr. Viar is a graduate of the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco (PhD); the University of California, Berkeley (MA); and, Virginia Commonwealth University (BS). Key attributes: communication, collaboration, shared and distributed leadership, ABCD, PAR

peer guidance

When starting students on instruments, within a heterogeneous setting, do you work in small peer groups? I have found that students like to work on – say a finger pattern/position – while also helping others. It gives each the opportunity … Continue reading


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Fall 2022

Clearly, I have put this as a no priority endeavor. It seems I refer back to the blog in times of personal change and when there is a lack of ongoing engagement. I was quite surprised that 4 years have … Continue reading

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One more once…

Sometimes we end up in familiar circumstances, even when we believe we have moved on. In my role as a public school music teacher, I have decided to accept an offer and will continue serving in that capacity. Unfortunately, I … Continue reading

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This past weekend, many of my acquaintances, along with their clients and proteges, performed in the Drum Corps International (@DCI) championships. I have been out of the loop for some time now, but I must acknowledge that my work now … Continue reading

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Getting into a practice

Well, I cannot believe it has been a full year since my last post. I had every intention of developing the blog practice with my new move; clearly, the practice needs developing. Nonetheless, I want to continue my (occasional) contribution … Continue reading

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Still more on ‘engagement’ & band

I have thought that students who participate in their school band are inherently engaged in learning. That is not necessarily so. As established through various agreements around engagement, it is more than just doing. In a traditional band setting, students … Continue reading

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3 years later

Sometimes, you need to step away; and, I stepped away for nearly three years. Here is what I’m currently working on: Engagement For decades, it has been widely agreed that engagement in schools refers to students’ behaviors with which they intensely … Continue reading

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continuing the thought…

I am drawn toward a pluralist perspective on the purpose, importance, and placement of music in our public and private lives. Music education sits at an intersection of interpretive and critical epistemologies. I understand music to be an opportunity that … Continue reading

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incomplete justification

It is the school band, comprised of a plurality of students – amateurs – who are participating for many different reasons. Kaplan (1966) refers to Reimer and says that we weaken the position of music education when we provide unnecessary … Continue reading

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whew! yes to the dialogue

After my Jan. 6 posting, my concern about presenting to/with peers in a forum to confront v. being confrontational, I feel that I accomplished what I hoped I would – healthy, thoughtful engagement of individuals around a professional concern, dilemma, … Continue reading

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