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peer guidance

When starting students on instruments, within a heterogeneous setting, do you work in small peer groups? I have found that students like to work on – say a finger pattern/position – while also helping others. It gives each the opportunity … Continue reading


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Fall 2022

Clearly, I have put this as a no priority endeavor. It seems I refer back to the blog in times of personal change and when there is a lack of ongoing engagement. I was quite surprised that 4 years have … Continue reading

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continuing the thought…

I am drawn toward a pluralist perspective on the purpose, importance, and placement of music in our public and private lives. Music education sits at an intersection of interpretive and critical epistemologies. I understand music to be an opportunity that … Continue reading

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“The band”

Current practices in the pedagogical band world privilege and sustain one kind of musicality, or relationship with/to music, over alternative musical subjectivities. To the extent that this is the result of unquestioningly reproductive rather than mindful practice, music educators involved with pedagogical wind … Continue reading

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