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peer guidance

When starting students on instruments, within a heterogeneous setting, do you work in small peer groups? I have found that students like to work on – say a finger pattern/position – while also helping others. It gives each the opportunity … Continue reading


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If we start wishing…

If we start wishing that things were different without accepting the way things are, then we start to lose touch with the ground, to lose our rootedness, and risk being blown away on the winds of idealism. Peter Merry in Evolutionary … Continue reading

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alternatives to school-based

The recreation and leisure services profession in the US is one whose primary purpose is to “generate significant public support for (the recreation movement) in order to advance the development of best practices and resources that will make parks and … Continue reading

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Music ed serves many purposes

I am drawn toward a pluralist perspective on the purpose, importance, and placement of music in our public and private lives. Music education sits at an intersection of interpretive and critical epistemologies. I understand music to be an opportunity that … Continue reading

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Reflections of a (music) teacher in a (school) system

The inner worlds of individuals can be affected by, and can affect the exterior, and as such I view these as mutually affecting each other. Ollhoff & Walcheski (2002) tell us that (process adaptive) systems include principles of family therapy, … Continue reading

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